President Obama And The Los Angeles Lakers

President Obama honored the Los Angeles Lakers for a second time, in less than a year. First, in January 2010, for winning the 2009 NBA title and next, in December 2010, for winning the 2010 NBA championship. I’m Team Obama and Team Lakers, so I love this pic!


Death Of Osama Bin Laden

The death of Osama Bin Laden is another 1st to President Obama’s accomplishments!

However, we’ll have conspiratory theorist, haters, GOP supporters, and let’s not forget Donald Trump, questioning the authenticity of the kill.

Notwithstanding the negativity from the anti’s, President Obama will continue with his legendary journey towards his 2nd presidency in 2012.

White House Releases Obama Birth Certificate

Trump’s epic fail over the president’s birth certificate now turns his focus to the president’s college transcripts and schooling at Harvard.

Instead of focusing and addressing ideas on improving the state of the nation, Trump now wastefully spends time seeking college documents about the president.

Trump is trippin’and unfit for the presidency!



Obama Caught On Audio

It’s about time President Obama slams the GOP for its slithering tactics!

The GOP’s slimy ways was well illustrated with its previous insertion of similar budget elimination bills into the government funding bill, then saying to the President that if he doesn’t sign the bill, the troops would not get paid!


You’re Fired

Donald Trump’s silly remarks is unbecoming of presidential material.

He considers millions of U.S. citizens with certificates of live birth, non-U.S. citizens.

Members of my family and friends are holding either a certificate of live birth or certification of live birth.

Apparently, Hawaii gives out either one and considers them both the same.

Donald Trump has nothing on President Obama, so he resorts to the played out birthers conspiracy theory. What a loser!

If he runs for president, Trump will be trumped by President Obama!