Tree Of Life

Coconut trees have many uses in Rota Island. There are at least 16 in our garden and over a 100 at our farms.

Our Garden Rat-Catcher

Little cat is our outdoor pest control.

Time for a cat nap.

Here is ‘Little Cat’ with his mother ‘Ms Kitty’

Glass Fishing Floats Washed Up On The Shores

Just Harvested Pandanus tectorius

Seashells Washed Up On The Shores

Driftwood Washed Up On The Shores

An Avocado A Day

Avocado season is here!

>>>More Avocado Fruit

Farm Fresh Okra

Farm fresh is best!

Young Tropical Pina

Colocasia esculenta Wild Taro

Perfect soup addition with pumpkin tips, coconut milk and fresh chicken.

Coloring Our Garden With Sunflowers

Local Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Great salad addition!

Ripe Wild Api’ot Plum

Ready for picking.

>>>More Api’ot Plum Fruit Tree

Local Mariana Mango


>>>More Local Mariana Mango

Lilikoi Passion Fruit Flower

>>>More Lilikoi Passion Fruit