Another Day In Paradise

Welcome to my island under the sun,
where everyday is
‘Just Another Day In Paradise.’



Luta Farmers Newsletter

Contributed by Summer Hibiscus

Press Release

Marianas Variety press release contributed by Summer Hibiscus.

Rota Island, West Pacific.

A beautiful representation of Rota Island by, prsw100

Enlighten Me

Life’s Good

Honolulu Festival Weekend


Photo Courtesy of Cookie

You Can Do Anything



believe in You.

Listen to your heart.

Trust your instincts.

Know you Can.

See your own strengths.

Dream it ~ dare it.

Do what you are afraid of.

Keep the faith.

Follow your vision.


Anything is possible

if only you believe.


The End?


With the world’s chaos,

seems like the biblical prophecies

are coming to light.


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