Local Mariana Mango


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Lilikoi Passion Fruit Flower

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Dragon Fruit Flower Bloom

Night time dragon fruit flower bloom.

Dragon Fruit Of The Day


Rota Coffee Project

KFC Triathlon Club
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Gasetan Lancheron Luta Newsletter April – June 2019

Cheers To A New Year

NewYear2019Photo courtesy of Cheyenne

Gasetan Lancheron Luta Newsletter September-October 2018

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2018 Ma Sottan I Paluman Aga

9/28/2018-The release of the Mariana Crow (Aga) at Uncle Matias and Aunty Mercedes Taisacan’s property in Mochong, Rota.

Averrhoa Bilimbi Flowers

Flowering profusion from typhoon Mangkhut stress 12 days later.

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Fresh Cowrie Shells

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Fresh found cowrie shells from Mochong Beach.

Dragon Fruit Of The Day

Gasetan Lancheron Luta Newsletter July-August 2018

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Contributed by Summer Hibiscus

Rota Island, West Pacific.

A beautiful representation of Rota Island by, prsw100

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