2018 Ma Sottan i Paluman Aga

9/28/2018-The release of the Mariana Crow (Aga) at Uncle Matias and Aunty Mercedes Taisacan’s property in Mochong, Rota.



Fresh found cowrie shells from Mochong Beach.

Averrhoa bilimbi Flowers

Flowering profusion from typhoon Mangkhut stress 12 days later.

Luta Farmers Newsletter

Contributed by Summer Hibiscus

Press Release

Marianas Variety press release contributed by Summer Hibiscus.

Rota Island, West Pacific.

A beautiful representation of Rota Island by, prsw100

Morning Surprise

Surprise in our storage room this morning, Ms Kitty delivers 4 darling kittens!

Ms Kitty was a stray cat who adopted herself into our family and is our outdoor insect pest control.

New Year 2017

Happy New Year!

From all of us to all of you!

Photo courtesy of Cheyenne

Photo courtesy of Cheyenne
Photos courtesy of Cheyenne

New Year New Chicks

Given to us on New Year's Day!
Given to us on New Year’s Day!
Three lil’ 1 month old chickies.
Eating mana, yummy!
Eating mana, yummy!
Here is Mocha.  Gentle and cute.
On her second night, she refused to sleep in the cage and wound up being put in a box where she seemed more comfortable and went right to sleep, finally.=)
Here is Almond.  Easygoing and friendly.
Think he’s a rooster? That’s my guess.
Say hi to Fudge! Fudge was extremely shy when she first arrived and is overcoming her shyness really quick.
Enjoying their new home.
Enjoying their new home.