Party Jello Shots

Jello shots are a fun addition to any party. Believe that!=)


1- Mix 2 cups of BOILING water and 1- 6oz. package of Jello.

2- Let cool to room temperature.

3- Add 2 cups of vodka and mix well.
DO NOT add vodka until water is completely cooled.

4- Pour into paper or plastic cups or shot glasses.
Shot glasses – Lightly spray the inside of shot glasses with PAM so that Jello slides out easier.
Plastic Cups w/ Lids – Turn upside down before refrigerating.
Paper Cups – My choice for easy consumption.

5- Chill for at least 6 hours or until jiggly.

6- Keep away from children!


Orange Peel Jello Slices

Children will love these! It’s also a creative and colorful snack addition to any party.

1-Slice oranges in half and spoon out the inside.

2-Follow instructions on Jello package and prepare Jello mix.

3-Pour Jello mix into the orange peels.

4-Refrigerate overnight.

5-Slice orange halves into threes and serve.