Raw Apple Snack

A tasty, tangy, crunchy, any time snack!


1 red apple, sliced thin
1 local orange (Green Orange Kahet)
2 local lemons (Lemon Kannu’on)

Used my handy little ‘Pampered Chef juicer’ to juice orange and lemons, then poured juice over apple slices, and chilled in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Yummy!

AppleSnack1Recipe adapted from: letstalkfitness.com


Orange Peel Jello Slices

Children will love these! It’s also a creative and colorful snack addition to any party.

1-Slice oranges in half and spoon out the inside.

2-Follow instructions on Jello package and prepare Jello mix.

3-Pour Jello mix into the orange peels.

4-Refrigerate overnight.

5-Slice orange halves into threes and serve.